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Our patented technology makes a Crackmaster Camrose auto glass repair the strongest available, but we do so much more than just windshields. We also work with side rear window glass as well as headlights.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

When you have damaged auto glass, whether it’s a windshield or window, you have two options. You can have the damage repaired, or you can replace the auto glass.

If replacement is required then who does the work is still critical. Advantage Windows does not cut corners/costs by using inferior methods or non O.E. offshore glass.

Advantage Windows Camrose uses only the safest replacement method (the “full cut”) ensuring the best seal and bond possible. Advantage Windows Camrose also chooses not to use O.E. offshore glass because it is not manufactured to the same standards as Advantage Windows glass. Furthermore, it is more susceptible to chips and cracks so initial savings (if any) can be wiped out with one chip repair. Finally, it is more likely to be ill-fitting (even when professionally installed) which can lead to leaks, excess noise and safety issues.

Far More than a Cosmetic Annoyance

Windshield repair is about safety, not cosmetics! Auto glass is a critical component of a vehicle’s safety system. Did you know that passenger side airbags need a structurally intact windshield to function properly? Don’t put yourself or family at risk by delaying the repair or replacement of your damaged auto glass.

  • Our competitors simply try to stop cracks from spreading and or fill them with weak resins (under 200 CPS). In other words, cracks are cosmetically repaired. This can be extremely dangerous.
  • Modern windshields are an integral part of your vehicle’s structural integrity so a compromised windshield could mean your vehicles safety system is compromised.
  • Only our patented resins (up to 300 times stronger than those used by our competitors) can truly fix cracked windshields and restore your windshields structural integrity.

Others “repair” auto glass by attempting to stop cracks from spreading or filling cracks with resin that simply isn’t strong enough to hold in an accident; both techniques can put you at risk. Repairing damaged auto glass can save you money, but if the repair doesn’t keep you safe it’s not worth it. Our patented technology makes a Advantage Windows auto glass repair the strongest part of your windshield! Advantage Windows can repair auto glass damage ranging from chips to long cracks up to 8 inches in length.

Ultra Bond Repair Resin

Thirty years ago, long crack repair wasn’t a common method of windshield repair. Then Ultra Bond founder Richard Campfield’s developed Ultra Bond windshield repair resins that can repair cracks up to 8 inches in length.

Crackmasters is the ONLY windshield repair company licensed to use Ultra Bond in Canada, so we’re the ONLY company that can handle long crack windshield repairs. Advantage Windows uses only Crackmasters Ultra Bond Repair Resin.


Ultra Bond resins also stand the test of time and exposure. In independent laboratory testing, Ultra Bond outperformed all the other windshield repair resins.

And, in most cases, repairs performed with Ultra Bond resins are nearly invisible, so you won’t even be able to tell there was ever a crack or a chip in your windshield in the first place. Look at these before and after photos of a long crack in a windshield repaired with Ultra Bond resin.

So don’t wait – ensure the safety of your vehicle today by calling Advantage Windows Camrose for a free quote.

Headlight Polishing

Your headlights do more than illuminate the roadway when you’re driving. They also let other drivers see you coming and shine a light on any obstacles in your way.

Over time the clear plastic that covers your headlights can degrade and cloud over, compromising your safety. Cloudy headlights are especially dangerous during Canadian winters when snow, fog and short periods of daylight make driving difficult enough.

Replacing your headlight covers can cost more than $400 a lens, but Advantage Windows Camrose can restore your lenses to a crystal clear state in less than an hour, and just look at the difference:


Restoring your headlights

The process is simple, but there are quite a few steps, including taping off the headlight to protect your paint job, wet sanding the lenses with multiple grits of sandpaper, and polishing the lenses.

Call Advantage Windows Camrose for a quote on headlight restoration today.