Headlight Restoration

Your headlights do more than illuminate the roadway when you’re driving. They also let other drivers see you coming and shine a light on any obstacles in your way.

Over time the clear plastic that covers your headlights can degrade and cloud over, compromising your safety. Cloudy headlights are especially dangerous during Canadian winters when snow, fog and short periods of daylight make driving difficult enough.

Replacing your headlight covers can cost more than $400 a lens, but Advantage Windows can restore your lenses to a crystal clear state in less than an hour.

Restoring your headlights

The process is simple, but there are quite a few steps, including taping off the headlight to protect your paint job, wet sanding the lenses with multiple grits of sandpaper, and polishing the lenses.

We also offer Armor Shield Headlight Protection that will prevent scratches, UV damage and moisture build-up on glass and plastic lenses.