Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower doors may operate as sliding (bypass) doors or pivoting. The choice depends largely on personal preference, but also on the layout of the bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are most frequently mounted over bathtubs because of the length of the opening. They are very functional in smaller bathrooms where space could be an issue as they eliminate a door swinging into the space. We carry plenty of options with varying thicknesses of glass and hardware style. They are custom made to fit your opening with top quality materials. The glass thickness ranges from 5mm thick to 10mm thick and comes clear, patterned, obscure and treated.

Our sliding shower doors are semi-frameless which means there is no frame around the glass. This results in a clean, modern look that is free of unnecessary metal.

Cracked Windshield

A crack in your windshield, even a large or complex one, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a replacement. Advantage Windows can repair most windshield cracks, even those up to 8 inches in length. And, in most cases, you won’t even be able to tell there ever was a crack in your windshield in the first place.

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Why Repair a Cracked Windshield

Legally, you’re only required to repair a crack in your windshield if it obstructs your view from the driver’s seat, but a cracked windshield is actually dangerous.

Your vehicle’s windshield is in place to prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle in the event of an accident. It also supports 30% of the weight of the roof of your vehicle, which helps protect you from being crushed in a rollover accident, and it serves as a backboard for your passenger airbag in an accident.

You wouldn’t drive a vehicle without a windshield, so don’t drive with a cracked windshield either. Even a small crack compromises the structural integrity of the windshield.

If you don’t have your cracked windshield repaired, you could be thrown from the vehicle in an accident. Another reason to repair your cracked windshield is to ensure your passenger airbag deploys correctly. It should rebound off the inside of the windshield and balloon into the passenger’s path to prevent him from smacking his face into the dashboard. Correct deployment of the airbag also prevents your passenger from being thrown from the vehicle.

Repairing a cracked windshield is easy, inexpensive, and it makes the windshield stronger at the point where the crack was repaired.

Headlight Restoration

Your headlights do more than illuminate the roadway when you’re driving. They also let other drivers see you coming and shine a light on any obstacles in your way.

Over time the clear plastic that covers your headlights can degrade and cloud over, compromising your safety. Cloudy headlights are especially dangerous during Canadian winters when snow, fog and short periods of daylight make driving difficult enough.

Replacing your headlight covers can cost more than $400 a lens, but Advantage Windows can restore your lenses to a crystal clear state in less than an hour.

Restoring your headlights

The process is simple, but there are quite a few steps, including taping off the headlight to protect your paint job, wet sanding the lenses with multiple grits of sandpaper, and polishing the lenses.

We also offer Armor Shield Headlight Protection that will prevent scratches, UV damage and moisture build-up on glass and plastic lenses.

Ultra Bond Repair Resin

Thirty years ago, long crack repair wasn’t a common method of windshield repair. Then Ultra Bond founder Richard Campfield’s developed Ultra Bond windshield repair resins that can repair cracks up to 18 inches in length.

Ultra Bond resins also stand the test of time and exposure. In independent laboratory testing, Ultra Bond outperformed all the other windshield repair resins.

And, in most cases, repairs performed with Ultra Bond resins are nearly invisible, so you won’t even be able to tell there was ever a crack or a chip in your windshield in the first place. Look at these before and after photos of a long crack in a windshield repaired with Ultra Bond resin

Independently Tested for Quality

Lab and field tests show that Ultra Bond is the leading windshield repair resin. All the testing noted here was performed on panes of windshield glass which were bonded together by the resin products tested.

Test 1 –Strength of Windshield Repair Resin Hold

Test one is a compression shear strength test, which tests the maximum load the bond can handle before the bond fails. To determine the strength of each resin’s bond, resin was applied between two pieces of windshield glass, essentially gluing them together. Then we tried to pull them apart by exerting opposite force in a vertical direction.

Five Ultra Bond resins were able to withstand more force than any other resin, illustrating the strength of the Ultra Bond hold. The stronger a resin bond is, the less likely it is that a windshield repaired with that resin will fail in an accident if an airbag deploys or a person crashes into it.

Resin Viscosity* Compression Shear Strength-PSI** Ranking
Ultra Bond U.B. -7 2400 3406.6 1
Kemxert Xert 200 200 3621.4 2
Ultra Bond U.B. -1 20 3074.9 3
Liquid Resins Blue Cap 25 2979.4 4
Glas-Weld Systems Pro 300 60 2868.4 5
Ultra Bond U.C. -4 100 2844.0 6
Ultra Bond U.B. -5 830 2695.4 7
Ultra Bond U.B. -3.5 80 2636.0 8
Liquid Resins Red Cap 25 2619.1 9
Liquid Resins Clear Cap 25 2600.0 10
* The higher the number, the thicker the resin.
** This is the maximum load the glass can withstand at the bonded point before the bond fails.

Test 2 – Elasticity of Windshield Repair Resin

Test two measured the elasticity of the resin bond by exerting opposing force on the glass. The elasticity of a resin refers to its ability to expand and contract with temperature changes without breaking. The more elastic the bond, the less likely it is that the repair will fail.

Ultra Bond resins swept the top six spots in this test and finished with seven in the Top 10 for elasticity.

Resin Viscosity- CPS* Modulus of Elasticity-PSI** Ranking
Ultra Bond U.B. -7 2400 369388 1
Ultra Bond U.B. -5 830 366150 2
Ultra Bond U.B. -1 20 341332 3
Ultra Bond U.B. -4 250 320448 4
Ultra Bond U.B. -3.5 80 316682 5
Ultra Bond U.B. -8 3600 318038 6
The Glass Mechanix Thick N/A 307317 7
Ultra Bond U.B. -2 40 291481 8
OptiKleer Luquiglas TCLT Med. Crack Repair N/A 284141 9
Glas-Weld Systems Pro500 40 280080 10
* The higher the number, the thicker the resin.
** The measurement of the elasticity of a substance.

Test 3 –Strength of Hold After Exposure

Test three was another shear compression test, this time performed after the bonded glass was exposed to two continuous hours of boiling water. Extreme temperatures can cause resins to fail, and this test measured the performance of a resin after prolonged exposure to an extreme temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

Seven Ultra Bond resins ranked in the top 10, demonstrating their ability to expand and contract without breaking the bond with the glass. That means windshields repairs performed with Ultra Bond resins can withstand the extreme temperature changes of a hot defroster on a cold windshield.

Resin Viscosity- CPS* Compression Shear Strength-PSI** Ranking
Ultra Bond U.B. -1 20 2130.0 1
Ultra Bond U.B. -7 2400 1539.4 2
Ultra Bond U.B. -8 3600 1526.6 3
Ultra Bond U.B. -6 1600 1435.9 4
Winshield Repair Systems 15 1435.1 5
Glas-Weld Systems Pro 200 40 1408.0 6
Kenxert Corp. 100 100 1357.4 7
Ultra Bond U.B. -3 60 1296.0 8
Ultra Bond U.B. -2 40 1239.1 9
Ultra Bond U.C. -2 40 1238.1 10
* The higher the number, the thicker the resin.
** This is the maximum load the glass can withstand at the bonded point before the bond fails.

Windshield Repair Resin Rankings

Overall rankings were determined by average placement in all three tests. Final results have Ultra Bond nearly sweeping the top ten spots, making it the best windshield repair resin available. Our windshield repairs are the best.

Resin Viscosity- CPS Ranking
Ultra Bond U.B. -7 2400 1
Ultra Bond U.B. -1 20 2
Ultra Bond U.B. -8 3600 3
Ultra Bond U.B. -3.5 80 4
Ultra Bond U.B. -5 830 5
Ultra Bond U.C. -4 100 6
Ultra Bond U.B. -2 40 7
Ultra Bond U.B. -6 1600 8
Ultra Bond U.B. -3 60 9
Kenxert Corp. 100 100 10